OFC Engineering - Your specialist for modern safety constructions

With us you gain a company that is one of the leaders in its industry. For more than 20 years, we have been developing modern safety constructions for various areas of application. We specialize in the development and provision of guard houses made of concrete and security containers, as we can combine our diverse expertise and experience here. Since our foundation in 2000, our services have included safety doors, fensers and facades made of steel as well as glass for protection against fire, break-in and eruption, bullet and explosive effect. In addition, we also include other security solutions, such as individual access controls as personal and/or material locks, among our references.

Our services include...

  • hazard analysis and individual advice.
  • the concept development and planning of mechanical and electronic safety components and equipment.
  • the planning and implementation of solutions also for complete security areas and projects.

What is particularly important to us...

Your project is in good hands with us, as we have ascribed great importance to the assumption of responsibility since the foundation of our company. For us, it does not matter which project we plan and implement. It is important that we "stand for it" and always maintain safety and quality. We are your personal contact in all matters - before, during and after the implementation of your individual security solution.

Our customer-specific solutions, which we develop together with our partners, take into account all your requirements and the special hazardous situation. You benefit from our many years of experience, which we have been able to gain through versatile projects and different areas of application.

We leave nothing to chance...

Our armored containers and guardhouses have passed the full certification test at the Beschussamt Ulm, one of the leading and most recognized test facilities worldwide. Thus, they offer consistent protection in protection class FB7. With this protection class against rifle weapons, attacks with all soft-core ammunition as well as with most hard-core ammunition are recorded.

Detailed knowledge of the market and access to the latest developments in the industry allow us to use modern solutions, resulting in low-weight armor assemblies at the lowest possible cost. You can be sure that we have done everything possible to ensure your  safety in our guardhouses.

Our demand for quality...

We always exactly fulfil our obligations to ensure uncompromising quality in the long term. Our guardhouses and security containers are subject to quality control at all stages of production. In this process, the quality standards are ensured by a strict quality policy and corresponding control procedures. During the entire production process of each guardhouse, the results of the inspections are documented and stored in a database containing all information about the respective guardhouse. This documentation process begins on the first day that the guardhouse is in our production and ends only at the time when the guardhouse is delivered to the customer. The quality control covers all relevant areas of the conversion and armouring process - the assembly of the bullet-resistant windows, doors, guneports from our own production, the installation of the connections, the welding work, the assembly of the armour and the armoured glass and the finishing. It is always guaranteed that our guardhouses have neither visible nor hidden defects.

See for yourself...

As we focus on technological advancement and constant research of ballistic and anti-explosive materials, our guardhouses offer an exceptional level of protection against ballistic attacks. Furthermore, we are able to develop an optimal safety solution for your individual hazardous situation. Would you like to know more about us? We are happy to convince you in a personal conversation and answer your questions. Please contact us.

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