Mobile container guard houses

OFC containers are based on a manufacturing principle developed since 1992 with individual production using exclusively tattered materials. These have a high level of protection, as they are based on extensive test series in various test centres in Europe.


The construction of a modular building takes place within a very short time. All containers are manufactured in such a way that they are connected to each other by means of universal couplings. Therefore, it is possible to change the arrangement of the individual containers on site.


The modular containers have highly protected outer walls with integrated protectors. The protection is mainly carried out with GRP or laminates made of GRP and/or ceramics. This makes the guardhouse comparatively easy and, depending on the size, can also be positioned at the desired installation location by means of a truck and crane boom.

Using the separately protected corner columns, the modules can be securely joined together against shelling and thus entire shelters can be created. The bullet-resistant container is visually indistinguishable from the normal variant.

Air conditioning

Adapted to the climatic conditions in the country of operation, the air conditioners used by OFC enable the full use of all created room sizes. Either with a single air conditioner per integrated container or central air conditioning for the entire modular building, the individual needs of the users can be optimally mapped.

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